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On-Demand Reporting Solutions

Who it's for: Regulators, Funders, Market Facilitators

Our On-Demand Reporting Solutions support the effective measurement and dissemination of financial inclusion data and insights. Clients gain access to our proven geospatial business intelligence solution. Clients can also opt for a customizable data management system that allows continued and detailed measurement of national financial inclusion targets.

Our Capabilities

Mapping Data to FINclusion Lab

We use a metadata structure to create innovative maps and data visualizations that address key financial inclusion questions from private and public sector actors. Our dashboard templates ensure consistency and accuracy of the underlying data and allow users to identify risks and opportunities, and to design appropriate solutions for increasing financial inclusion.

Improving Reporting Infrastructure

For clients who require support for building or enhancing reporting systems, we offer a full range of technical and advisory support to ensure clients can capture, manage, and disseminate financial inclusion data and insights. Our team of specialists assists clients in reviewing reporting templates and systems, evaluating hardware and software, and building the necessary database and systems that allow for the ongoing management of financial inclusion data. 

Training and Technical Support

Alongside our reporting systems, we provide a full range of practical training and technical assistance, enabling clients to retain ownership of their solution while ensuring uptake both within the client organization and in the broader marketplace. 

In response to the Central Bank’s financial mandate to open new branches in unserved districts of Mozambique, market facilitator FSD Mozambique hired MIX to create a business intelligence tool. The tool needed to provide vital market information to financial service providers (FSPs) as they planned their expansion into these unserved areas. As part of the engagement, we gathered, cleansed and standardized multiple supply and demand-side datasets before integrating them into an interactive data visualization. Each dashboard provides stakeholders with key insights into market opportunities, demographic and economic trends, and other practical information that supports business planning and product development.

"Working towards financial inclusion requires more information than just how many people live in a particular area. In a country as vast as ours, we need more information on each area like whether that area has access to telecommunications, access to roads, and municipal amenities such as water, electricity, financial services. If yes, to what degree? What I like about this tool is that it tries to provide just that. A country-wide representation of data that is user friendly and relevant. It’s a powerful thing."  

Tamara Kangome, Country Manager - Partnerships, 

BancABC, Mozambique