Over the last five years Burundi has averaged 4% economic growth annually, most recently driven by growth in agriculture and large-scale infrastructure construction. Additionally between 2013 and 2014 Burundi experienced a year on year decrease in inflation from 9.0% to 6.7% even with foreign aid as a percentage of GDP decreasing from 5% to 2% in 2013. Implementation of a strategic framework for growth and poverty reduction at the national level in 2012 has given focus to the issue of human development, but has raised major concerns over issues of land use as refugees continue to return to the country. The Bank of the Republic of Burundi chose to bring financial inclusion into the center of national debate with its 2011 commitment to the Maya declaration, pledging to organize a gathering of all economic agents interested in the industry as well as government representatives, and to accelerate a national survey of financial inclusion in order to establish a baseline which would facilitate effective policy making.