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Advisory Services

Who it's for: Regulators and FSPs

With over 14 years of financial inclusion data gathering, standardization, and analytics experience, we provide personalized guidance to data owners. Our Advisory Services support the improvement of financial inclusion reporting systems, providing clients with practical solutions for enhancing the ongoing measurement and dissemination of financial inclusion data to the broader market.

Our Capabilities

Defining Measurement Frameworks

Spend more time analyzing data and less time collecting it. With our MIX Report Express tool, FSPs can submit data to multiple stakeholders in a single, dynamic format. And with our two-step data quality check you can rest assured that you are receiving reliable, validated data.

Designing End-to-End Data Services

We conduct detailed, local assessments of existing data infrastructure to inform the design of an end-to-end data management system across the financial inclusion value chain. This includes data source identification, and the evaluation of data collection templates, data management systems, and analytics. Guided by capacity and budget considerations, we provide detailed recommendations for improving specific elements within the data value chain.

Conducting Trainings and Workshops

We offer trainings and workshops on best practices and global standards related to financial inclusion data. Our in-depth workshops can be tailored to any audience to ensure relevance for key personnel and are offered both in-person and online.

By 2017, Rwanda hopes to reach 80 percent financial inclusion. However, these ambitious targets required an overhaul of reporting systems to ensure timely and accurate measurement. BNR engaged MIX to conduct a thorough assessment of existing reporting systems that provided recommendations on 1) realigning indicators to fit with policy priorities 2) improving the quality and consistency of reporting data through standardized definitions and templates 3) improving dissemination of data to stakeholders via regular reports and an online platform and 4) reducing the reporting burden on financial institutions. Since completing the project, BNR has formed a working group tasked with the implementation of our recommendations, moving the country closer to achieving its financial inclusion goal.

"Through BNR's engagement with MIX, we have uncovered a number of opportunities to strengthen our financial inclusion data systems and processes.  Because of this work, we can now accurately chart our progress in key focus areas including physical access to finance and some supply-side information on customers disaggregated by gender and age. In combination with the quadrennial Finscope surveys, this annual data will inform our policies aimed at achieving 90% access to formal financial services by 2020".  

Dr. Monique Nsanzabaganwa, Vice Governor, 

National Bank of Rwanda